Failure to declare account shows MB Inc “has everything to hide”


Perak DAP today says that the failure by Perak MB Incorporated( MB Inc) to table their account at the state legislative assembly proved that the state body “has everything to hide. “

Perak DAP Chairman Nga Kor Ming says despite repeated demands by Pakatan HARAPAN, MBInc had failed to table its financial account to the state legislature since it’s revival from 2012. The state 28 strong opposition members had pressed the Menteri Besar to reveal MB Inc’s account since day one of the state assembly sitting but till the end the account is still not available.

Nga said, the state body was enacted in 1951 but was dormant  until it is revived by the current Menteri Besar Dato Seri Zambry Bin Abdul Kadir in 2012 to take charge of the state mining industry which akin to monopoly status of the related industries.

Nga said, apart from taking charge of the state mining industry which was once the largest Tin producer in the world, MB Inc was also being given thousands acre of state land for development which is against its objective & in conflict with State Economic Development Corporation ( SEDC).

Nga who is also MP for Taiping & Kepayang state Assemblymen said   the operation of MB Inc are both lacking in transparency and accountability especially after MB Inc failed to declare their financial account to the state assembly since 2012.

Nga said, according to State Legislative Assembly competency Act 1962, all state government, state agency & statutory body are required to table their annual account to the state legislature and this include Perak MB Inc. As such, the failure by MB Inc to disclose its dealings is a clear case against good governance, transparency & accountability.

Nga said, the people have the right to know how much revenue was actually generated for the state by MB Inc but instead of generating income for the government, MB Inc have received a RM500,000.00 funding provided by the state from the public coffer.

Nga said MACC shall step in to investigate Perak MB Inc in order to safeguard the public interest. He said, “MACC had investigated DEIG at Selangor & proven no case so why is it keeping silent on Perak MB Inc ? “

(Picture) : Perak DAP Chairman Nga Kor Ming said failure by MB Inc to table its account at the state legislature is against the principle of good governance & transparency.