Not only opposition, BN also plan to block BBC reporter from exposing their scandal in Sarawak

Not only opposition, BN also plan to block BBC reporter from exposing their scandal in Sarawak

( Kuching 26/4/16)

DAP today hits out at Sarawak BN care taker Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan for banning reporters from BBC to cover state election & exposing BN’s scandals.

DAP National deputy treasurer Nga Kor Ming issue a media statement today & calling for press freedom in order to ensure a fair & clean election in the ongoing Sarawak state election which polling day falls on 7th May.

The Taiping MP says Sarawak immigration department had received instruction to stop BBC reporters & whistle blower Sarawak Report blog to enter the state after more than 20 opposition leaders including civil society movement, Bersih’s leaders are force to be out from the state.

Nga says that this is the first time that international media organizations are blocked from entering Sarawak in order to cover news for election.

He states that this practice by BN Sarawak care taker government are both highly undemocratic & amount to blatant abuse of power.

He says that barring international media from covering the state election will send a wrong message to the world community that election in Malaysia is dirty, unfair & tainted by corrupt practices.

Nga calls on SPR & Suhakam to state their stand on this issue as BN’s blatant abuse of power had already jeopardize the nation’s image & such undemocratic act must be stopped immediately.

Nga urge Sarawak immigration department to reveal who gave them such instruction & whether it comes from Putrajaya.

In order to stop such undemocratic practice, Nga urge all the 1.2 million voters in Sarawak to vote for the DAP so the party will be empowered to provide check & balances on the BN government.

” Anak Sarawak, anang takut, anang surut, Berani UBAH!” He says.

(Picture) : Notice on Sibu immigration department office white board clearly instruct the department to forbid BBC reporters from entering Sarawak.

Adenan, how could you stop us from loving Sarawak?

Media statement :

Adenan, how could you stop us from loving Sarawak?

( Sibu 23/4/16)

Member of parliament for Taiping Nga Kor Ming today hits out at Sarawak care taker Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem for abusing his power by banning Pakatan leaders to enter Sarawak from helping in the imminent state election campaign.

Nga, who is also Perak DAP Chairman issued a statement immediately after he had been barred from entering the state of Sarawak this afternoon upon his arrival at Sibu airport.

In his statement, Nga said Adenan’s unilateral act had amounted to blatant abuse of power as section 67 of the 1963 immigration Act clearly provided the state shall not prohibit a person from entering Sarawak if the sole purpose of his visit is to engage in legitimate political activity and his only purpose to visit Sarawak this time is to help Sarawak DAP in their campaign.

In his statement, he says that DAP loves Sarawak and are willing to offer an alternative choice for the people of Sarawak to choose but BN had abused its power by stoping them to show their love to Bumi Kenyalang.

” We are here because we love Sarawak, how could you forbid us from showing our love to Sarawak? Isn’t it highly undemocratic & manifestation of dictatorship?” Nga stressed.

Nga Kor Ming is the 10th DAP leaders who had been prohibited from entering Sarawak after Selangor State Assembly speaker Hannah Yeoh was stopped & deported yesterday at the same airport.

Nga said, he arrived with a 10 members delegation from Perak but only him alone are not allowed to enter the state. “It is obviously against the spirit of fair play & democracy.” He said.

Nga said, it is highly disgraceful when as a patriotic Malaysian he is stopped from entering his own country without any valid reason.

He criticized Adenan for practicing discrimination policy & double standard because all BN MPs & leaders are allowed to campaign in Sarawak but the opposition are not allowed to do so.

Nga urge all Sarawakian to rise up & protest against such abuse of power by voting against BN on the 7th of May.

” We must stop the BN from abusing their power immediately failing which there will be no rule of law & only the law of the jungle will apply in our country. It is highly dangerous.”

YB Nga Kor Ming

MP for Taiping/Perak DAP Chairman

23th April, 2016.

倪可敏明远赴砂州助选 吁国阵勿濫权阻民选议员入境

(怡保 22 日讯)






倪可敏指出,目前行动党已经有8个议员及干部遭到禁足令,可是国阵部长们却个个通行无阻,甚至还公开滥用政府官方资源助选,这显示国阵“只许州官放火 、不许百姓点灯”,双重标准暴露无遗,砂州同胞应用手中一票拒绝国阵的霸道与独裁。




成立委员会保护古迹发展旅游业 倪可敏吁市议会主动出击

(太平 21 日讯)

在成功爭取中央及州政府同意将太平33个全国第一列为国家文化遗产后,行动党太平区国会议员倪可敏今日再接再厉建议太平市议会即刻成立旅游及古迹委员会(Tourism & Heritage Committee)以推动太平的文化遗产旅游,振兴太平经济!

倪可敏今日指出,他的宏愿是将太平打造成全国最多国家文化遗产的城市(The city with the most national heritage), 一旦成功,太平将在我国旅游版图稳占一席之地,每年将吸引数百万名游客到访。









Keputusan kerajaan Negeri Perak bahawa Menteri Besar Perak tidak perlu mengisytiharkan harta kepada Dewan Negeri bercanggah dengan prinsip ketelusan & akauntabiliti

Kenyataan Media :

Keputusan kerajaan Negeri Perak bahawa Menteri Besar Perak tidak perlu mengisytiharkan harta kepada Dewan Negeri bercanggah dengan prinsip ketelusan & akauntabiliti

( Ipoh 19hb April, 2016)

1. Kerajaan negeri Perak pada Februari, 2012 telah memutuskan bahawa anggota Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri tidak perlu mengisytiharkan harta mereka kepada dewan negeri dan keputusan tersebut adalah jelas melanggar prinsip ketelusan & akauntabiliti.

2. Mengikut keputusan MMK kerajaan negeri Perak Bil 1691 pada 29/2/2012, Ahli MMK hanya perlu mengisytiharkan harta mereka kepada Menteri Besar dan bukan Dewan Negeri malahan Menteri Besar pula tidak perlu mengisytiharkan hartanya kepada institusi perundangan tersebut.

3. Keputusan sedemikian adalah mengecewakan kerana ia jelas bercanggah dengan prinsip ketelusan dan akauntabiliti pentadbiran kerajaan yang bersih. Amalan sedemikian tidak membantu dalam mengelakkan isu RM2.6 bilion daripada berulang pada masa depan kerana ketiadaan ketelusan dalam aspek harta benda barisan MMK.

4. Perlu diperhatikan kerajaan Pulau Pinang dibawah Pakatan Harapan telah mengkehendaki Ketua Menteri dan barisan exconya mengisytiharkan harta mereka secara terbuka dan diaudit oleh akauntan bertauliah sejak tahun 2010. Selain itu, kerajaan negeri Selangor juga mengkehendaki pimpinan kerajaan mengisytiharkan harta mereka di laman web rasmi kerajaan Negeri. Adalah amat kecewa di mana kerajaan Negeri Perak telah gagal mencontohi teladan baik oleh negeri pimpinan di bawah Pakatan.

5. Mengikut laporan media, kerajaan Pahang telah dilaporkan sedang bercadang utk mengisytiharkan harta Menteri Besar dan anggota MMKnya pada tahun ini maka keputusan kerajaan Negeri Perak adalah amat mengecewakan dan gagal mencerminkan pentadbiran yang telus & bersih.

6. Pakatan Harapan mencabar kerajaan negeri BN dengan segera memperbaiki keadaan. Keputusan MMK perlu dipinda dan kerajaan negeri dikehendaki meminta nasihat dari SPRM utk garis panduan pengisytiharan harta supaya ia dapat memenuhi hasrat rakyat melihat sebuah kerajaan yang bersih dan penuh bertanggungjawab.

Sekian, terima kasih.

YB Nga Kor Ming

ADUN Kepayang/Pengerusi DAP Perak.

19hb April, 2016