Chin Tong: I’ll continue as Harapan’s strategist, backroom boy


Ousted lawmaker Liew Chin Tong will now focus his efforts on being a strategist and backroom boy for Pakatan Harapan. Speaking to Malaysiakini about his narrow loss to MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong for the Johor parliamentary seat of Ayer Hitam, he said it had been a calculated risk when he chose to contest the difficult seat. “I came into this seat with my eyes open, I knew that it was either Wee losing with a small margin or winning with a small margin.”

“I have been an MP for 10 years (in Kluang), I didn’t want to stay in a safe seat to see Najib (Abdul Razak) remain in power. “I knew by me doing this very daring move in Ayer Hitam, I would set up some positive waves (to other seats), which I did, I think,” Liew said after attending a press conference held by Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad earlier today. Thus, in view of Harapan taking the federal government, he considered his loss as a small cost. He also shared his plans for the current future. “This is a new government and there will be plenty to do. I have always served as a strategist and a backroom boy, so these will be my roles,” he said.